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A Short Preamble

In this adventure of envisioning a school syllabus anew, it may be kept in mind that, along with all the diverse social and historical imperatives in the learning of English, and the complex issues involved in teaching it in a multilingual frame of
reference, the acquisition of a new language is also enriching for its own sake. The discovery of sound and its combinations in an entirely new formatting, the rich experience of finding new names for old things, the thrill of tune and rhythm in a different configuration of words, the sheer wonder of finding people expressing thoughts and ideas and feelings that are the same as one’s own, yet different, and the percolated flavour of another culture, or cultures – another’s way to living expression. The learning of English needs to be permeated with this enthusiasm to learn about oneself through another language. The challenge is to build into one’s own multicultural heritage and see language as a facilitating tool.

The students of 4th Std can download the Samacheer kalvi of all Syllabus in Both Tamil & English Medium in one link which is given below. All the Syllabus are given in PDF format.




Mathematics English Version Tamil Version
Science III to VIII & EVS for I &II English Version Tamil Version
Social Science (Classes III to VIII) English Version Tamil Version

Disclaimer:We have tried to provide concise and complete information about Tamil Nadu Uniform System of School Education (Samacheer Kalvi). However the authenticity of the data provided, is limited to the extent of documents supplied by the institutions listed herein.


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  1. admin

    This is samacheer kalvi new syllabus.

    1. Nambi Theivu

      I need second term tamil grade 4th standard

      1. admin

        Hi Nambi Theivu,

        We are providing all std books. Click this link to download second term tamil books:

  2. rajasekaran

    pls send the iv std syllabus


    I want to 4th std samacheer kalvi syllabus books for all subjects

  4. Y. Syeda Sara Banoo

    I want Tamil And English subject Samacheer Kalvi Sylabus books

  5. Venkatesh G

    I want to 4th std samacheer kalvi syllabus books for all subjects

  6. Mahalakshmi M

    I want to 4th std samacheer kalvi syllabus books for all subjects

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